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The Wyoming County Airport Authority hopes to soon move forward with project plans for the Skyhaven Airport.

At last Wednesday’s (May 15) meeting, Airport Authority members, along with Skyhaven owner Charlie Gay, continued a discussion from last month about moving power lines on the south end of the runway from overhead to underground, as they’re a “hazard.”

Gay said once a conduit is installed underground, the next step is to have Penelec take care of the wiring, which could cost a couple thousand dollars.

The conduit is something he would likely purchase on his own, but a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development would hopefully cover the Penelec portion of the project.

Chairman Jim Brooks said the authority needs to decide which category to choose when he submits the application for the DCED grant for airport projects, as there are several.

The preliminary parts of the grant application have been completed, but more details such as estimates for project supplies are needed.

Brooks also said the application should be submitted before June 1, the end of this fiscal year.

Gay said he and Brooks could look the application over together before sending it for final approval.

In regard to cutting trees on the south end of the runway that have grown too tall, which was another discussion point last month, Gay said he plans to go up on a lift and see what could be done.

Some brush on the sides of the runway should also be taken care of, he added.

Last month, authority member Bill Jacquish was also appointed for another five-year term on the authority.

Under new business, Brooks said paperwork needs to be gathered for the authority’s audit.

The results of the audit likely wouldn’t become available until August or September.

The Airport Authority is scheduled to meet again on Wednesday, June 19 at 5 p.m. at the Skyhaven Airport.