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Factoryville Borough Council plans to pursue a new grant writer following the resignation of Sadie Rozenberg.

At Wednesday’s (Aug. 14) borough council meeting, Rozenberg informed council that she has decided to step down.

Council members thanked Rozenberg for her years of service and gave her a round of applause.

Auditor Colin Fricke was also present on Wednesday to discuss the results of Factoryville’s annual audit.

“The town actually has excellent financial standing,” Fricke said, complimenting borough manager Mary Ellen Buckbee for her thorough bookkeeping.

Fricke used a quick ratio to reflect this standing: for every $1 that Factoryville has in liabilities, it has $6 in cash.

Councilman Bill Edwards asked if there are any areas for improvement.

Internal controls, meaning procedures or segregation of duties to prevent financial misuse, for example, are an area where Factoryville somewhat lacks.

Solicitor Paul Litwin recommended making changes to the borough’s new rental ordinance for clarification reasons, which would require an amendment at a future meeting.

In the public comment section of the meeting, changing hats to speak as a private citizen, Fricke suggested extended park hours to 9 p.m.

In the evenings, Fricke said he often takes walks through the loop in town, but has been stopped a few times by the police.

While the police have always been respectful, he noted that dusk could be as early as 4:30 p.m. in the wintertime, so extending the hours would make sense.

“We’ll check into it and put it on the agenda for next month,” Edwards said.

Catherine Litwin, a junior at Lackawanna Trail High School, wrote borough council a letter expressing her interest in becoming a junior council person.

Council members enthusiastically approved a motion to accept Litwin as a junior council person, with Buckbee noting that she is the first to hold the position in several years.

Mayor Gary Evans said the Dalton Borough Police Department received 31 calls for Factoryville in July and gave 12 traffic citations, four traffic warnings and four parking tickets while patrolling 1,650 miles.

Under parks and recreation, Buckbee said the park board decided to go against its original plans to establish a community center within the newly named Creekside Park.

She said Christy Mathewson Day on Aug. 10 was a success, but some older attendees were critical about the car show being on a hill.

In the future, she suggested asking cars for the show can park on the soccer field, or renting a golf cart for the day to drive people up to higher ground.