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As the NE Marcellus Aqua Midstream waterline enters its final phase, Triton Hose Company officials have been reviewing an agreement for a related project that would place fire hydrants north of the borough in Tunkhannock Township.

Along with the waterline project, which would transport water seven miles from the Susquehanna River to an impoundment area in Lemon Township, NE Marcellus has promised to install six fire hydrants starting in Tunkhannock Borough and going up northern Route 29.

At this time, Ron Coolbaugh of Triton said the fire company’s legal counsel has been reviewing the agreement that NE Marcellus drew up.

This agreement basically states standard operating guidelines, such as uses for the hydrants and how to turn them on and off without shutting the system down, Coolbaugh explained.

Going back around one year or so, Triton officials had some concerns about the project.

“They had told us that the pressure was going to be quite high, but they have since worked that out,” he said. “They will be putting in what they call pressure reducing valves at each hydrant. They will still maintain the pressure they need to flow the water, but it will reduce it down for fire protection.”

Once the agreement gets approved, Coolbaugh said it’s the responsibility of NE Marcellus to install and maintain the hydrants, but he is unaware of a timeline on this part of the project.

For Coolbaugh and others within the fire company, the hydrants could be an asset.

“It will benefit the residents of Tunkhannock Borough and residents going up 29 north in Tunkhannock Township,” he said. “We feel at Triton it is positive.”

In mid-July, NE Marcellus created a jetty east of the Route 29 Susquehanna River Bridge as part of the project’s final phase.

The Susquehanna River Basin Commission has also approved the project.

Tunkhannock Borough Council member Ben Barziloski has been informed that work will continue on the project this week.

“They have one to two more connections to make, but they haven’t charged up the waterline,” he said.

Once connections are made, Barziloski said NE Marcellus plans to pave curb to curb on roads that were disturbed from the project.