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Members of the Holcombe Energy team in Tunkhannock are, from left, Ernie Mecke, Taylor McKeeby, Theresa Mecke, Brandi Ryce, President/CEO Matt Austin and Jeff Armstrong.

If you ask Matt Austin, President and CEO of Holcombe Energy Resource in Tunkhannock, the American Dream is alive and well.

That’s because Holcombe, the company Austin started with his wife in 2009 with nothing more than a single truck, now employs between 25 and 30 employees, has relocated to a new office, and is more prepared than ever to serve the natural gas industry, which Austin credits with economically rejuvenating the area.

Holcombe’s specialty is transportation.

Since its founding, Holcombe has served nearly every major natural gas company in the area by hauling fluids.

“The major part of our business is water hauling,” marketing director Theresa Mecke said. “We have nine company trucks and 21 sub-contracted trucks which transport water and residual waste.”

Holcombe also operates a winch truck and large and small flatbed trucks, providing for a variety of services. They soon hope to add a dump truck to their fleet.

Holcombe and Austin have come a long way since the company’s founding.

Austin said that he and his wife basically lived out of their truck during the company’s first year.

They had been running Holcombe out of their home before relocating to a new location on Kim Avenue, just west of Tunkhannock, near Tyler Memorial Hospital.

Building a business isn’t easy, and Austin credits his achievement, in part, to the support of local businesses.

“We have received a lot of support from companies like Dobrinski Tire and Sherwood’s,” says Austin, “and we want to return the favor by serving the local community.”

Austin, who is a resident of Tunkhannock, says Holcombe is committed to serving and supporting both the businesses and people of Wyoming County. “We like to keep it local because we are local,” he said. “When Holcombe does well we hope that it will trickle down.”

Moving forward, Austin hopes to obtain more large contracts, which would allow the business to grow and create new jobs for Wyoming County residents, and he noted that Holcombe is always looking to hire local drivers.

According to Austin, “We are a part of this community and this is who we want to support.”

Holcombe prides itself on its work performance.

“We offer diverse transportation options and timely service,” Austin said. “We have dispatchers available on a 24-hour basis and offer extremely quick turn-around, and our work is reinforced by a stellar safety and performance record.”

Austin also emphasizes the family-oriented nature of his business.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today without the invaluable support of our family and friends,” he said.

According to Mecke, “Matt takes his employees’ well-being to heart, we are like a big family.”

Austin actually named the business “Holcombe” as a tribute to Lake Holcombe, Wisconsin, where, as a boy, he and his family vacationed in the summer.

Along with the support of local businesses and family, Austin attributes much of Holcombe’s success to the Marcellus Shale and the natural gas industry.

“Their presence in the area has been phenomenal,” he said, “and they spend a huge amount of time and money making sure they take care of the area.”

Austin said he looks forward to the further development of infrastructure in the area and continued job growth as a result of the Marcellus Shale.

For the time being, Holcombe looks forward to providing dependable service and hopes that its new location makes them even more approachable.

“We have a great team here,” Austin said.

“We want to work with everyone who wants to work with us.”