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Nicholson Borough Council adopted an ordinance on Monday detailing the powers and duties of its borough manager.

This ordinance applies to current borough secretary and treasurer Jessica Bower, as well as any future individuals in the position.

“It gives essentially the borough secretary more authority and power over routine things and enables the borough to operate a little more efficiently between meetings,” Solicitor Paul Litwin explained following Monday’s borough council meeting.

Council members David Noakes and John Decker were absent for the meeting.

Additionally, council members adopted an amendment to Nicholson Borough’s property maintenance ordinance.

According to Litwin, the amendment was a provision reiterating that if the borough completes any work to make a property safe, it has the right to file a municipal lien.

Council members accepted a $20,000 bid from D&M Construction Unlimited Inc. in Dalton for repairs to a pedestrian bridge in the borough that suffered flood damage. D&M was the sole bidder.

The borough already received almost $10,500 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and around $3,000 from the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for the project.

After discussion with PEMA, Bower said it’s possible to receive more funding, provided the borough can prove that all bidding procedures were followed. Also, the scope of work needs to be followed as per PEMA guidelines.

If the borough finds itself unable to receive additional funding, council agreed to cover the remaining cost.

D&M needs to complete work on the pedestrian bridge project by May 27, 2020.

The Nicholson Water Authority has been approved to receive Community Development Block Grant funds for a project aimed at the purchasing of a new generator and other improvements.

The Wyoming County Commissioners will vote on giving the funding to Nicholson Borough at their upcoming work session.

Litwin said since the borough qualified this year, council members should start considering future projects they could fund through the CDBG program.

Commissioner Tom Henry confirmed that Nicholson qualified for a little over $220,000, though the amount actually received could be less after factoring in areas like administrative costs.

In regard to the Streetscape project meant to improve borough sidewalks, Bower said the borough needs to account for a few additional properties on corner areas.

Agreements need to be drawn up for these properties, but worded differently since the borough only needs permission to work on their corner rather than their entire sidewalk.

At this point, the borough is only waiting on a small number of written agreements from property owners to be returned.

While the project has been pushed more to the beginning of 2020 rather than this fall, Bower said work would not begin until the spring anyway. PennDOT will handle the bidding process and administering of funds for the Streetscape project.

Council also voted to hire Reese Scott to plow snow in the borough this winter, with council member John Bower abstaining.

Council members also appointed Jessica Bower to serve as secretary for the Nicholson Borough Planning Commission, in which John Bower also abstained.

Nicholson Borough

Council is scheduled to meet again on Monday, Dec.

2 at 6 p.m.