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A Franklin Twp. supervisor says there is good reason the municipality stopped using the Franklin Twp. Volunteer Fire Department to answer calls in 2018 and he says politics is at play over recent town hall meetings the department is hosting.

Supervisor Eric Williams said municipal officials stopped using the fire company because it failed to respond to half its calls in 2017.

Meanwhile, the nearby Northmoreland Twp. Volunteer Fire Company, from Wyoming County, has a 100 percent response rate since being selected to replace the Franklin Twp. department, Williams said.

“It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s a direct result of a lack of volunteers (in the Franklin Twp.) department,” Williams said.

Williams on Tuesday responded to comments made by Fire Chief Bob Kile who claims the department was barred for no reason.

Kile noted members of the Franklin Twp. department have hosted a series of town hall meetings recently, the latest being Tuesday night. Kile has said an upcoming election would be discussed.

Williams, a Republican, noted that Tuesday was one week from Election Day and a member of the fire company, John Hilstolsky, a Democrat, is on the ballot against him.

“A member of his fire company is going against me in the election,” Williams said.