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A new Dairy Princess was crowned Sunday afternoon to reign over Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties.

Loghan Hirkey, a 16-year-old sophomore honor student at Tunkhannock Area High School, was crowned by Emma Loch, the 2018-19 princess, at the annual Dairy Princess Pageant in the Department of Agriculture building in Tunkhannock.

Hirkey said she is ready to promote dairy businesses of which she said she has a lot of experience, as the Hirkey Farm was started by her great grandparents and has been around for a century.

She has already started promoting the consumption of milk to support local dairy farmers. Hirkey’s candidate speech focused on the benefits of chocolate milk for athletes and how coaches should utilize it more.

Hirkey performed a skit for the two judges of the pageant, Callie Curley and Maria Jo Noble. She danced on pointe to the ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ while holding various dairy products. Her goal with the skit was to teach preschool and elementary students about the dairy industry.

A new Dairy Miss and two Dairy Maids were also named to Hirkey’s court and they are also prepared for their new positions.

Ashley Bingham, 8, is the new Dairy Miss. She said that she likes milk because it helps her grow big, strong bones for working with her animals.

Kayla Bingham, 11, is one of the Dairy Maids. She said she refuels with chocolate milk after working with her sheep all day.

Alissa Baldwin, 11, is also a Dairy Maid. She encouraged the audience to have ice cream as part of their three servings of dairy a day.

All four members of the court are involved in a local 4-H club.

Loch, a 20-year-old junior at Delaware Valley University, used her farewell speech to tell the new princess and court to take every opportunity to promote dairy.

“Once a princess, always a promoter,” said Loch.