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Tunkhannock Mayor Stacy Huber confirmed Tuesday that Triton Hose Company has deferred entering into an agreement with Northeast Marcellus which has been working on a water line from the Susquehanna River to Lemon Township.

Triton had been in discussion regarding additional fire hydrants for several locations not presently equipped with hydrants.

Triton President Chuck Sands said that members of Triton expressed a concern last week that they could be held liable if it were to accept responsibility for maintenance of new hydrants, and the hose company did not wish to expose itself to potential lawsuits, should the system not function satisfactorily.

That said, Sands said that the hose company recognizes the potential benefit the water line can provide both Triton and the residents it serves.

And, it is holding off making a final decision until the solicitors of Tunkhannock Boro, Twp., and Lemon Twp. - the municipalities through which the water line follows - have had a chance to review it, and offer their input.