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Elk Lake’s cross country teams were held winless on Wednesday against Wallenpaupack and Delaware Valley.

Individually, Lady Warrior’s Krista Jones finished second overall with a time of 20:50, while teammate Sadie Bosscher took fourth with 21:55.

In the boys race, Justice Johnson (9/19:34) and Noah Staff (10/19:35) rounded out the top 10 at Wallenpaupack.

The Warriors also ran in the Wyalusing Lasagna XC Meet on Friday, with Jones taking top honors in the girls varisty race at 19:54.65. Teammate Bosscher took third with a 20:45.36.

The Lady Warriors finished third overall, behind host Wyalusing in first and Canton Area in second.

Johnson and Staff again finished consecutively, with Johnson taking ninth place (18:30.50 and Staff in tenth (18:31.40.)

The boys team took second, behind host Wyalusing.

The Warriors faced the Meteors and Red Raiders on Tuesday in Montrose. Results will be available in next week’s Examiner.

Boys Results

Wallenpaupack 21, EL 34

Delaware Valley 19, EL 37

1-Adam Kanterman (DV) 17:54 on 3.1 mile course; 2-Kyle Kellstrom (W) 18:06; 3-Seth Brown (WAL) 18:32; 4-Nicholas Coy (M) 18:57; 5-Jack Condon (BR) 19:01; 6-Samuel Stashko (M) 19:02; 7-Quinn Curabba (DV) 19:15; 8-John Russo (DV) 19:23; 9-Justice Johnson (EL) 19:34; 10-Noah Staff (EL) 19:35; 11-Skyler Woodley (DV) 19:37; 12-Dylan Gray (W) 19:44; 13-Gabriel Wilber (M) 19:46; 14-Johnatan Alston (W) 19:49; 15-Connor LaMarca (DV) 19:53; 20-Issaic Brewer (EL) 20:32; 24-Jeremy Quinnan (EL) 20:47; 29-Dylan Way (EL) 21:21; 30-Matt Balli (EL) 21:23; 39-Noah Atkins (EL) 22:10; 51-Todd Snyder (EL) 24:56; 65-Kevin Noldy (EL) NS; 66-Thaddeus Woodhead (EL) NS.

Junior high boys: WAL 15, EL 49; DV 15, EL 48; Top finisher: Nathaniel Sinkovitch (M) 9:41 on 1.56-mile course.

Girls Results

Wallenpaupack 25, EL 36

Delaware Valley 25, EL 30

1-Hannah Perkins (M) 20:49 on 3.1-mile Wallenpaupack course, 2-Krista Jones (EL) 20:50, 3-Paige Brewer (M) 21:32, 4-Sadie Bosscher (EL) 21:55, 5-Stephanie Summerville (M) 23:28, 6-Elizabeth Chidester (M) 24:06, 7-Elizabeth Higgins (W) 24:13, 8-Angela Benetos (W) 24:17, 9-Haley Troup (DV) 24:19, 10-Paulina Schmidt (W) 24:25, 11-Morgan Anderson (W) 24:28, 12-Maggie Holderith (DV) 24:33, 13-Amanda Muehlbauer (W) 24:37,14- Murphy Schratt (W) 24:38, 15-Zoe Badner (W) 24:47; 30-Molly McGlynn (EL) 27:18; 34-Emma Chotkowski (EL) 28:55.59; 51-Jessica Noldy (EL) NS; 52-Ashlyn Berry (EL) NS; 53-Lilly Struzzieri (EL) NS.

Junior high: WAL 22, EL 27; DV 18, EL 32; Top finisher: Diegan Giannone (M) 10:55 on 1.56-mile course.

Lasagna Results

Boys: 1-Alex Patton (Wyalusing) 17:15.57; 9-Justice Johnson, 18:30.50;10-Noah Staff, 18:31.40; 19-Matt Miller, 19:20.80; 20-Dylan Way, 19:26.15; 22-Issaic Brewer, 19:29.92; 35-Noah Atkins, 20:56.57; 50-Matt Balli, 23:56.94; 53-Thaddeus Woodhead, 25:58.00.

Girls: 1- Krista

Jones, 19:54.65; 3-Sadie Bosscher, 20:45.36; 26-Molly McGlynn, 25:24.29; 32-Lilly Struzzieri, 26:17.27; 34-Emma

Chotkowski, 26:46.56.