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The Lackawanna Trail Junior Lions took on the Pittston Patriots on Sunday.

Trail 34, Patriots 6

Issac Ryon put Trail on the board and Kaylix Douglas picked up a fumble in the end zone for the conversion. Tackles by Tyler Jervis, Blake Stage, Sean Dwyer and Seth Wallace led to another turnover on downs. Hayden Reed recovered a fumble that led to Ryon’s 60-yard touchdown run. Tyler Jervis intercepted the ball from the Patriots and took it in for a touchdown to end the half up 20-0.

A 30-yard kickoff return by Lamant Funches set Sam Ware up for a touchdown, and Wallace had the conversion. The Patriots scored, but drives by Dominic Musgrove and Funches pushed Trail down the field where Douglas scored with five minutes left.

A Team

Trail 26, Plains 6

Logan Edwards powered in the first down for the Lions. Blake Slater ran it in for touchdown, and Edwards followed with the conversion. A 30-yard pass from Brandon Kalinoski to Max Kimmel ended the quarter. Edwards then plowed in a touchdown for a 14-0 Trail lead.

The Lions defense was relentless. A turnover on downs gave the ball back to Trail, where Demetrius Douglas cruised in another Lion touchdown. Tackles by Kimmel and Brayden Jones, along with an interception by Kalinoski ended the half.

Edwards and Douglas sacked the Yankee quarterback for a loss. Trail then forced another turnover on downs. Douglas took the ball on a 50-yard run where Kalinoski would punch in the touchdown. Yankees did score but Trail prevailed 26-6.

Last week, the junior Lions faced Carbondale. The Trail C Team was shut out 12-0, while the B Team picked up a 32-0 shutout. The A Team also shut out the Chargers, 23-0.