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Two local golf teams met head-to-head on Thursday, as Lackawanna Trail swept Elk Lake in boys competition.

On the front nine at Rock Creek, Andrew Kazmierczak and Josh Rzucidlo won three points in the first group to pace Lackawanna Trail’s 9-0 win.

The win pushed the Lions to a 6-2 record, while the Warriors fell to 2-8.

At Golden Oaks back nine a day earlier, Trail’s Kazmierczak chipped in for birdie on his first hole en route to an even-par 35 to lead the Lions in a 6-3 victory over Blue Ridge.

Monday, Trail faced Riverside, and took a commanding win, 8 ½ to ½.

At Rock Creek front nine, Josh Rzucidlo made a career-best six pars to lead the Lions to victory.

Trail 9, Elk Lake 0

Individuals: Andrew Kazmierczak over Jason Mowry, 3 and 2; Josh Rzucidlo over Nate Warriner, 3 and 2; JP Gilroy over Colby Baker, 5 and 3; Nate Wescott over Zach Shields, 4 and 3; Adam Jones over Josh McIntyre, 5 and 4; Jeffrey Gallagher over Dan McGee, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Kazmierczak-Rzucidlo over Mowry-Warriner, 3 and 1; Gilroy-Wescott over Baker-Shields, 5 and 3; Jones-Gallagher over McIntyre-McGee, 5 and 4.

Trail 6, Blue Ridge 3

Individuals: Tyler Hillard (BR) over Jeff Gallagher, 3 and 2; Adam Jones (LT) over James Barber, 4 and 2; Andrew Kazmierczak (LT) over Preston Perry, 5 and 3; John Rzucidlo (LT) over Andrew Scott, 1-up; J.P. Gilroy (LT) over Joe Curtis, 3 and 1; Kyle Spoor (BR) over Nathan Wescott, 3 and 1.

Better ball: Hillard-Barber over Gallagher-Jones, 1-up, Kazmierczak-Rzucidlo over Perry-Scott, 5 and 3; Gilroy-Wescott over Curtis-Spoor, 1-up.

Trail 8½, Riverside ½

Individuals: Andrew Kazmierczak (LT) over Collin Kneiss, 5 and 3; Josh Rzucidlo (LT) over Brandon Reed, 3 and 1; Adam Jones (LT) over Conor Monahan, 4 and 3; Jeffrey Gallagher over Carl Walsh, 2 and 1; J.P. Gilroy (LT) over Todd Monahan, 3 and 1; Nathon Wescott (LT) and Hunter Geise split.

Better ball: Kazmierczak-Rzucidlo over Kneiss-Reed, 5 and 4; Jones-Gallagher over C. Monahan-Walsh, 3 and 1; Gilroy-Wescott 9ver T. Monahan-Geise, 3 and 2