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Trail’s Jared Klepadlo finished 13th in the long jump.

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Trail’s Tori James finished ninth in the 800.

Krista Jones will be the lone representative from our coverage area to head to the PIAA District 2 2A State Championships for track and field on Friday and Saturday May 24 and 25 at Shippensburg University.

Jones, an Elk Lake freshman, finished second in the 3200 with a time of 11:52.17. Cameron Marcinkowski of Holy Redeemer finished first in 11:47.44.

This season, not only did district champions automatically qualify for the state meet in their events, but so too did the second-place finishers.

Teammate Shyanne Bennett finished in fifth in the same race, with a 12:23.60.

In other girls events, Trail’s Tori James placed ninth in the 800, while Elk Lake’s Sadie Bosscher took seventh in the 1600.

Trail’s Jordan Spencer recorded an eighth place finish in the triple jump.

In the boys’ races, Peyton Jones, a senior at Elk Lake, just missed a trip to Shippensburg, finishing third in the boys 3200.

In the triple jump, Trail’s Alec Jones (fifth) and Jared Klepadlo (ninth) both finished in the top ten.

Mark Dunckle placed sixth in the shot put, with a distance of 41-00, four feet off the top mark.

The Lackawanna Track Conference had 11 silver medal winners that qualified in the girls meet and 15 in the boys meet.

Scranton Prep’s Stephen Postupak qualified for the state meet in the 1,600 when Holy Cross’ Andrew Healey scratched and so did third-place finisher Lukas Volpetti.


Team standings: 1-Lakeland 95; 2-Mid Valley 90; 3-Western Wayne 79; 4-Scranton Prep 72; 5-Montrose 69; 6-Riverside 40; 7-Hanover Area 40; 8-Holy Redeemer 37; 9-Dunmore 28.5; 10-HolyCross 28; 11-Lake-Lehman 26.5; 12-Susquehanna 25; 13-Northwest Area 22; 14-GAR 17; 15-Carbondale Area 9; T16-Blue Ridge 8; T16-Lackawanna Trail 8; T16-Elk Lake 8.

100 Finals: 1-Starmel Haskins (GAR) 11.15. 100 Prelims: 13-Luke Baldwin (LT)12.09; 25-Dakota Moyle (LT) 12.48; 26-Tyler Rozanski (LT) 12.55; 30-Noah Atkins (EL) 12.73. 200 Finals: 1-Jakob Snipes (Lakeland) 23.22. 200 Prelims: 14-Tyler Rozanski (LT) 24.81; 19-Luke Baldwin (LT) 25.05; 23-Brandon Way (EL) 26.19. 400: 1-Johnny Barcarola (Western Wayne) 52.06; 22-Kody Cresswell (LT) 58.36; 25- Issaic Brewer (EL) 1:01.82. 800: 1-Sebastian Brudnicki (Mid Valley) 1:58.94; 20-Noah Staff (EL) 2:15.78; 26-Isaac Vierling (LT) 2:20.94. 1600: 1-Andrew Healey (Holy Cross) 4:31.44; 16-Noah Johnson (EL) 5:03.08; 23-JJ Sharpe (LT) 5:36.68. 3200: 1-Liam Mead (Montrose) 9:35.57; 3-Peyton Jones (EL) 9:52.96; 15-JJ Sharpe (LT) 11:47.03. 110 Hurles Finals: 1-Collin Chidester (Montrose) 15.32. 110 Hurdles Prelims: 11-Dakota Moyle (LT) 17.37; 20-Jason Boyer (EL) 18.53. 300 Hurdles: 1-Collin Chidester (Montrose) 40.79; 10-Dakota Moyle (LT) 44.27; 15- Jason Boyer (EL) 45.82; 20-Tyler Rozanski (LT) 46.91. 4x100 Relay: 1-Lakeland (Nathan Vigil, Billy Good, Jakob Snipes, Brandon Wentovich) 44.24; 8-Lackawanna Trail (Alec Jones, Tyler Rozanski, Luke Baldwin, Dakota Moyle) 46.86; 14-Elk Lake (Brandon Way, Thaddeus Woodhead, Issaic Brewer, Noah Atkins) 52.63. 4x400 Relay: 1-Montrose (Chuck Rohan, Collin Chidester, Brennan Gilhool, Henry Rogers) 3:26.05; 11-Elk Lake (Brandon Way, Noah Johnson, Noah Atkins, Noah Staff) 3:51.45. 4x800 Relay: 1-Holy Redeemer (Bryce Zapusek, George Strish, Lukas Volpetti, Dominic Capaci) 8:21.53; 7-Elk Lake (Noah Johnson, Kale Decker, Jeremy Quinan, Noah Staff) 9:14.24; 13-Lackawanna Trail (Michael Bluhm, Michael Measley, Isaac Vierling, JJ Sharpe) 10:02.80. High Jump: 1-Bryce Collins (Riverside) 6-05.00; 12 -Jason Boyer (EL) 5-07.00. Long Jump: 1-Assad Whitehead (Hanover Area) 21-07.75; 13-Jared Klepadlo (LT) 18-10.25; 16-Alec Jones (LT) 18-06.00; 18-Jason Boyer (EL) 18-00.25. Triple Jump: 1-Assad Whitehead (Hanover Area) 43-09.00; 5-Alec Jones (LT) 40-01.00; 9-Jared Klepadlo (LT) 39-02.75. Discus: 1-CJ Dippre (Lakeland) 163-02.00; 10-Mark Dunckle (LT) 120-10.00; 17-Malcolm Staff (EL) 93-11.00; 18-RJ Schirg (LT) 93-01.00; 21-Bryce VanFleet (LT) 81-05.00. Javelin: 1-Matt Saxe (Northwest Area) 200-09.00; 13-Bryce VanFleet (LT) 129-01.00; 17-Malcolm Staff (EL) 103-07.00. Shot Put: 1-CJ Dippre (Lakeland) 45-00.00; 6-Mark Dunckle (LT) 41-00.00; 13-Josiah Frank (LT) 36-04.00; 14-Malcolm Staff (EL) 36-00.00; 15-Richard Rodenbach (LT) 34-02.00.


Team standings: 1-Holy Redeemer 125; 2-Western Wayne 103.5; 3-Lake-Lehman 83.5; 4-Northwest Area 68.5; 5-Lakeland 66; 6-Montrose 46; 7-Hanover Area 37.5; T8-Carbondale Area 24; T8-Dunmore 24; 10-GAR 22; 11-Riverside 21; 12-Blue Ridge 18; 13-Mid Valley 16; 14-Elk Lake 14; 15-Holy Cross 13; 16-Susquehanna 8; 17-Meyers 5; 18-Lackawanna Trail 4; 19-Mountain View 1.

100 Finals: 1-Karissa Spade (Holy Redeemer) 12.59. 100 Prelims: 16-Isabella Jagoe (LT) 13.76; 17-Jordan Spencer(LT) 13.76; 32-Emily Dalton (LT) 15.11; 33-Destiny McCarey (EL) 15.25. 200: 1-Karissa Spade (Holy Redeemer) 25.86; 12-Willow Burnell (LT) 28.56; 15-Isabella Jagoe (LT) 29.09; 22-Danielle Lamberti (LT) 30.29. 400: 1-Annie Skirpan (Western Wayne) 59.61; 17-Danielle Lamberti (LT) 1:08.50; 21-Maria Wetzel (LT) 1:12.85; 23-Monica Stuenzi (LT)1:13.76; 24-Emma Chotkowski (EL) 1:15.34. 800: 1-Anna Capaci (Holy Redeemer) 2:24.60; 9-Victoria James (LT) 2:36.88. 1600: 1: Abby Paczewski (Lake Lehman) 5:17.94; 7-Sadie Bosscher (EL) 5:46.32; 11-Victoria James (LT) 5:58.74. 3200: 1-Cameron Marcinkowski (Holy Redeemer) 11:47.44; 2-Krista Jones (EL) 11:52.17; 5-Shyanne Bennett (EL) 12:23.60; 12-Madison Swanchak (LT)13:51.83. 100 Hurdles: 1-Trina Barcarola (Western Wayne) 15.00.100 Hurdle Prelims: 19-Kaitlyn Davis (LT) 19.11; 23-Peyton LaRue (EL) 22.15. 300 Hurdles: 1-Trina Barcarola (Western Wayne) 45.26; 16-Rachael Beemer (LT) 58.50. 4x100 Relay: 1-Lake Lehman (Kitt Patla, Gabby Shonis, Keera Naugle, Natasha Mihalko) 51.85; 8-Lackawanna Trail (Danielle Lamberti, Bella Jagoe, Jordan Spencer, Willow Burnell) 54.06; 12-Elk Lake (Peyton LaRue, Destiny McCarey, Sadie Bosscher, Kelsey Day) 1:02.25. 4x800 Relay: 1-Lake Lehman (Madison Brdaric, Morgan Patla, Sophia Dabsheh, Abby Paczewski) 9:59.03; 7-Lackawanna Trail (Rachel Beemer, Madison Swanchak, Abigail Fahey, Tori James) 11:15.34. Triple Jump: 1-Abby Korba (Hanover Area) 37-01.00; 8-Jordan Spencer (LT) 32-07.50 Discus: 1-Mikayla Marino (Lakeland) 138-00.00; 18-Allison Swanchak (LT) 72-06.00; 21-Megan Bosscher (EL) 61-07.00. Javelin: 1-Sarah Salus (Lake-Lehman) 115-07.00; 17-Kelsey Day (EL) 70-06.00; 18-Elonna Spencer (LT) 70-01.00. Shot Put: 1-Mikayla Marino (Lakeland) 38-10.50; 18-Daisy Petty (LT) 25-08.50; 21-Megan Bosscher (EL) 24-03.75.